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To Sign up for NexMoney you need to download APP and signup Valid Email,Phone Number(As OTP for verification is used),Aadhar Card is compulsory
No, Registration is free But for Premium Membership you need to pay 1500+ 270 G.S.T.
Yes, We Insure your information Safe and Secure with US
One time lifetime membership fee of 1500+270 (GST)=1770/-*
Get 1500 Reward Points. Redeem these points against every single service you use
Get cash back from 2% - 40% on all services you use
Get 50 Reward Points everytime somebody downloads this app using your link
Earn 300/- on each direct referral who upgrades. Refer 5 & earn your fee back
Earn Level income from 10 levels (1100/- is distributed across 10 levels). Duplicate 5 in all levels & earn in Crores
Earn a %age from all cash backs earn from your entire team Upto 10 levels. Repeat income instantly
Earn Royalty of 1%-3% from 11th level to unlimited levels
Earn Royalty of 2% from company's overall turnover
Earn Merchant Royalty. Tie your local Merchant with the company & earn royalty on every sale
All incomes are instantly transferred to your wallet
Withdraw instantly into your bank account
Transfer funds to another wallet
Pay for all your services
Use this App services for all your requirements just like a PAYTM or PHONEPE but with earnings..
Register your details - Fill your KYC - Upgrade with 1770 - Start using the services - Start referring - Earn happily ever after......
*- Thousands of times more than what PAYTM is worth "Nexmoney"*
Download the App for free & pay once in a lifetime membership fee of just Rs. 1,770/-.
Our services:
*DTH, DATA CARD (Get 3% commission)*
*E.B BILL (free service)*
*GAS BOOKING (free service)* *You can redeem your referral income (minimum withdraw limit Rs. 500/-)*
*IMPS (Bank Money transfer)*
*Bus ticket booking cashback 5%*
*Flight booking get 3% cashback*
*Hotel booking get 8 to 10% Discount*
*Movie ticket booking get 10% cashback*
*Online shopping (Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, etc get 2% cashback)*
Commission details up to LEVEL 10
*LEVEL: 1 - 300 Rs*
*LEVEL: 2 - 30 Rs*
*LEVEL: 3 - 45 Rs*
*LEVEL: 4 - 60 Rs*
*LEVEL: 5 - 75 Rs*
*LEVEL: 6 - 90 Rs*
*LEVEL: 7 - 105 Rs*
*LEVEL: 8 - 120 Rs*
*LEVEL: 9 - 135 Rs*
*LEVEL: 10 -150
Get exciting cashback on All Transactions & Ultimate Earning Opportunities.
In that case contact our Customer care, within 30 Mintus it will be resolved
Use Forgot Password option
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